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I'm really feeling it!
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Game Night - Goodbye PS3 Edition and PC Poll

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This is a reminder that we are playing Uncharted 3 multiplayer tonight at 9pm EST (2am GMT) tonight. Uncharted 3 has a multiplayer component, which is a free to play "title" available through PSN, so download it as soon as you can if you haven't already. If you're unable to play this week for whatever reason, but want to participate in next week's PC night, the poll is at the bottom of this post.


Please note that while this is the "Goodbye PS3" edition, we won't be changing to strictly PS4 Game Nights without a proper poll. Expect Game Nights to stick to the PS3 for a while.

The basic rules are:

  • Be respectful and kind to your fellow TAY users.
  • Don't exploit or cheat.
  • Just in general, play nice with others, and follow the golden rule.

Please make sure that you leave your PSN username below if you're expecting an invite to the session. I will be unable to attend this one due to technical difficulties with my internet, so everyone's favorite metal-head admin is sending out invites.TheUnfathomableTruth may be lax in his enforcement on posting PSN usernames, but I swear to the scoutmaster in the sky: if I find out that you showed up and didn't post your ID, I will dropkick your PS3 so hard that you really will be celebrating "Goodbye PS3" day.


Update: Okay, I tried really hard to show up, anyways, but I've legitimately been stuck at the "Syncing Level Data ..." stage for over ten minutes now. My net isn't going to take it. Sorry everyone, you'll just have to deal with Mr. T. It works. For now.


Anyways - we're going back to the PC next week, if only because of my lack of ideas on what to do for the Wii U and 3DS. If you have any suggestions for any games on any system, please let me know and I'll make a note of it. I would love to get some feedback on game choices or ideas for new games so we can mix up the pool a little bit.


Here's the poll.

Thanks everyone. Hope to see you next week.

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