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Game Night - Halloween Poll (and Tonight's Game)

This is a reminder that we are playing Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate multiplayer tonight at both 4pm EDT (8pm GMT, 9pm BST) and at 9pm EDT (1am GMT, 2am BST) tonight.

The basic rules are:

  • Be respectful and kind to your fellow TAY users.
  • Don't exploit or cheat.
  • Just in general, play nice with others, and follow the golden rule.

I'm not entirely sure how this all works, but I'm sure those of you with the game will be much more familiar with it than I am. You'll need access to a Wii U, though, it would seem. So exchange whatever identification you need to play with one another, and good hunting!


I am a stingy person and do not own a Wii U (or happiness), so I cannot attend tonight. Regardless, I hope you all have lots of fun.


Next week, we'll be meeting on Halloween Eve for some Halloween-themed fun! I got a few suggestions as to what we can play, so I made a poll and we can vote on it.

Here's the poll. If you have any write-ins, leave them below.

Hope to see you next week for Halloween Eve!

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