I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Game Night - It was Bound to Happen Eventually

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I have to admit, I bit off a little more than I could chew this week. While I was totally feeling cocky about my exams last night, I slowly began to realize that I had much more work to do for my remaining final than I had previously thought, and that I should focus my attention on that. As I was writing the reminder for today, I also remembered that keeping everyone in the same lobby in GTA:O is possibly one of the most challenging feats in gaming at the moment. That, coupled with the fact that there are about five different methods to inviting people and some of them aren't entirely user-friendly ... it's not something I would entirely want to dump on the new players that we were expecting since I wouldn't be able to attend. Because of this, I just don't think it's a good idea for this week.


I'm going to postpone Grand Theft Auto: Online for this week. I'm really sorry, everyone! I actually had the post all written up and everything for GTA:O, but ... I'd rather be safe than sorry with this. I truthfully messed up and overestimated myself this time, and I'm incredibly sorry.

It's not all bad news, though. Instead of GTA:O, we're going to do the game that I've seen everyone and their dog playing lately: Starbound! (The title and picture makes sense now, huh?) We will be playing Starbound multiplayer at 9pm EST (2am GMT) tonight. To see the proper information for the server, hosted by the amazing LoserMLW, please check the MulTAYplayer group's page for the announcement containing the IP*.


You can join the MulTAYplayer group to view the announcement by clicking here.

The basic rules are:

  • Be respectful and kind to your fellow TAY users.
  • Don't exploit or cheat.
  • Just in general, play nice with others, and follow the golden rule.

Since we have a set IP to join, you can simply hop into that and putz around at your leisure. As I mentioned, I will not be able to host tonight because of ... *shivers* finals, but I might try to pop in around the middle of the session.


That being said, if you all would like to hop in the Steam Group Chat just for the heck of it, feel free to! It's always nice to see people in there, even if they aren't actively participating in Game Night.


The poll for next week's Game Night can be found here. Next week will be the last week for the rest of the month that I can host. The following week is Christmas, so that's a no-go, and the week after that is New Years Day. This means that we will meet on December 18th. We will not meet on December 25th or January 1st.


That being said, to make up for tonight's shortcomings, if GTA:O doesn't win for next week, we'll play it at the next available meeting time (meaning January 8th).

Thank you for your understanding and patience. I'm incredibly sorry to those of you who went through the necessary preparations for the original schedule and had plans hindered by my shortsightedness.


*If there's a problem with using that server tonight, let me know and I'll figure something out.

Header Image Credit goes to ShiroNiji.

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