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Game Night - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon groups

So starting at 9pm EDT we'll be having the US Game Night with Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon on the 3DS. Here's the original post, by the ever diligent Neryl, who I must thank once again for making this possible.

Me and a few other people played on the Euro-centric time and I just thought I'd take what was learned through that to help things run a little smoother this time around.


Match making is super basic in this game, so you do have to be careful about how you set things up. First you go to the Scarescaper menu select Online Play and then the Friends option. You will only see matches that are hosted by people you have registered as friends, so if you intend to play with someone make sure you have their FC beforehand!

Now here's where I thought we could use a bit more organization. My idea is that whoever wants to host a group can put a post in the comment section here detailing it. Post your in game name, your friend code, what mode your playing, the number of floors, the difficulty and finally the time you want to start at. Here's my example,

Name: Eric

FC: 4596-9703-4514

Mode: Polterpup

Floors: 10

Difficulty: Hard

Time: 9:00pm

Then anyone who wants to join your group simply comments on your post and adds their name and friend code. This should avoid confusion and ensures that everyone has a group to play with. The hosts are the ones responsible for making sure they have everyones FC, so don't forget about that! I'm honestly not expecting a big turnout, but even if this makes it easier for just a couple groups it should be worth it.


As a note the only way this can be sort of ruined is if people just jump into groups willy nilly and accidentally take another persons spot. That's why the starting time is there. If you're hosting, don't open your group until just before the time you've scheduled, this should prevent anyone from randomly joining you and ensures that everyone can start at the same time.

If you have anything to add or any questions be sure to ask them below, and if you're planning on making or joining a group that's where you're headed too!

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