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This is going to be a "quick" discussion on what's happening with Game Night for the next week, which will include European Game Night times, what we're playing next week, and what to look for in the future.

Note: This isn't a new post, I just bumped it up because I posted it kind of late for Europeans yesterday.


European Game Night Times

Everyone's been waiting for it for a while, so I'm just going to get this out of the way right off the bat. Voting for European Game Night is today! Please don't vote unless you intend to make the times semi-regularly, meaning for everyone in the Americas, if you're home regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays, feel free to vote for which time you would prefer.

The poll for meetings on Mondays can be found here: Link.

Do remember that Monday meetings occur every other week, so this won't come up nearly as much as the Wednesday meetings.


The poll for meetings on Wednesdays can be found here: Link

Keep in mind that officially, Game Night lasts for two hours. As a result, I can't go past 10pm GMT because that would start to leak in to the North and South America-centric Game Night times. Plus, you all need to sleep sometime. Just like with the other times, if they're kind of close to being the same for both days, I'll probably make them the same time just so it's easier for everyone to remember. It's hard enough remembering that we only meet every other Monday but still meet every Wednesday.


On that note, I'll definitely need someone to help lead it and send invites around. If you'd like to help me with the Euro-centric times for Game Nights, please let me know below.

Future Console Selections

After this Monday, I'm considering other consoles to hold Monday meetings on. Don't worry, I won't give up on the 360 just yet, but it definitely was disheartening to only really see two people interested in it, especially when they both had differing tastes in games. For the sake of avoiding more of this, though, and to give me a chance to decide what to do about 360 meetings, I want to broaden our horizons. Someone reminded me that I forgot portable systems, which is true, I did. So let's talk portable systems.


I believe that a lot of you have a 3DS, judging from those few days after Animal Crossings came out where the site became rather barren, so that's definitely a possibility. I also remember multiple people talking about their adventures on Persona 4 Golden, which gives the indication that the possibility of Vita based game-nights is there.

Just to check, though, we'll do a vote for portable systems. Now, for this, I want you to vote for the system that you actually utilize. Don't put down that you have a Vita or 3DS system if you're not willing to spend money on it anymore, because that not only limits our options when it rolls around but is also incredibly misleading to the numbers.


The poll for portable systems can be found here: Link

About Last Night...

I have to say, last night was probably my favorite night so far. It was nice that we could all play together, and there was a healthy supplement of random players to help fill in the gaps if one of us had to leave. I think it really kept things interesting. I absolutely adored that we could still have a medium-scale match and I would recognize over half the people in the room. Those of you that showed up, even if TF2 wasn't your favorite game, you're awesome, and thanks for being active in the community by doing this.


That being said, I was informed afterwards that there was a problem with griefing in the form of vote kicks on one of the teams in Egypt. I don't believe it was one of ours (if it was, shame on you), but if people were being vulgar or rude, you have my apologies. This is, admittedly, part of the danger of playing on public servers, but it was something I was hoping we could avoid.

Vote-kicking can be ignored (unless it actually succeeds), and it's really just an annoyance. However, if a server we play on in the future is getting too volatile and you feel like we need to change, don't hesitate to let me know. I would not have had a problem with trying to search for a more moderated server if someone was beginning to feel uncomfortable, you all are worth it.


Next Week's Game Night

Next week, we're going back to the PS3 for Red Dead Redemption. It can be found for a pretty decent price (around $15 USD at the time of this writing) off of Amazon here.


Alternatively, you can find the Game of the Year edition, which has all of the DLC attached here for a little over $25 USD, and can be found here. I do believe that most of the DLC, not including cosmetics or Undead Nightmare, is free on the PSN store at the moment, so I would suggest buying the former link, which was the Greatest Hits edition.


That's about it, everyone. Thanks so much for coming out to Game Night yesterday, if you did. I hope to see you all next week.


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