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Game Night – Poll Winner and the Future of the 360

The votes have finally been collected to determine what game we’re playing for Wednesday’s Game Night on the PS3, and the winner is …

Red Dead Redemption! Who’d have thought?

Sign-ups will go up on Wednesday. In the mean time, this is a good opportunity to get some last minute suggestions in for next week’s 3DS and PC games.


But wait! If you want to lead a Xbox 360 Game Night next Monday instead, you can do that! Just let me know if:

  • 1) You’re interested in leading
  • 2) You’re interested in attending

Please put your time slot regardless of which you’re signing up for. I’ll also note that if nobody offers to do #1, we will proceed as normal with the 3DS nights.

Thank you for your participation in voting this week, everyone! I’ll try to get the next poll up by Thursday.

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