I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Months almost over TAYers. Means it's time for new Game Nights! After today I will compile the nominations and final vote will go up Sunday for a day or two. Get in here if you haven't (looking at you Nintendo peeps)!


What I need from you peeps is:

Game (Platform of Choice)

I will only consider a game and system though ONLY IF I GET AT LEAST THREE DIFFERENT RECOMMENDATIONS. No point in bothering with games if no one is gonna play them.

Nominations so far:

Xbox 360:
Gears of War 3: Monetary Value?, Disturbed Shadow, E1 Salvador, topgearFTW, Rody2k6
Halo 3: Monetary Value? E1 Salvador, Roky2k6
Destiny: Monetary Value?, Roky2k6
Halo 4: DisturbedShadow, Tjoeb123, E1 Salvador, topgearFTW, Roky2k6
Halo Reach: DisturbedShadow, E1 Salvador, topgearFTW
Forza Horizon: E1 Salvador, topgearFTW, Roky2k6

Destiny: twizm, JollyBootsOfDoom, BlitzKaiser, barkspawn
Assassin's Creed IV: JollyBootsOfDoom, Stranger

Dragon's Crown: JollyBootsOfDoom, Kcet, Stranger
Mass Effect 3: JollyBootsOfDoom, barkspawn
The Last of Us: BlitzKaiser, E1 Salvador, Roky2k6

Mario Kart 7: Jeff Seely, Isaac

Wii U
Mario Kart 8: Jeff Seely

Xbox One
Forza Motorsports 5: topgearFTW
Need For Speed : Rivals: topgearFTW
Titanfall: topgearFTW, DisturbedShadow
Watch_Dogs: topgearFTW
Destiny: DisturbedShadow, topgearFTW

The Ship: Hyper a maverick drunken man, Roky2k6
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Hyper a maverick drunken man, retrohunter96, gatethief
Team Fortress 2: Hyper a maverick drunken man, DisturbedShadow, BlitzKaiser, gatethief
Rune Classic: Hyper a maverick drunken man, Stranger, Unimplied, Rody2k6
Unturned: retrohunter96
DOTA 2: retrohunter96, Unimplied, BlitzKaiser
Left 4 Dead 2: DisturbedShadow, barkspawn
Lethal League: sleepiest
Unreal Tournament 3: gatethief

Once I got the nominations tallied, I'll set up a poll for everyone to vote on and we set up a schedule from there.

So get to it!

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