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We're back for another two-game week for Game Night! This week, we're going to the 3DS and PC for our multiplayer sessions and seeing what kind of fun we can have in co-op.

I'm going to change up voting a little this week. It seems like posting your own ideas is kind of getting people to shy away from the whole notion of voting, so instead, just comment on which games you'd be interested in getting voted on (preferably on these "weekend" posts instead of the sign-ups, since that way it doesn't make it harder for me to see who is actually coming to the game) and if I see enough demand for it I'll add it to the poll. Basically, we'll be using strawpolls now, just like we used to! Full circle!


By the time I came up with a solution I was okay with it was already Saturday, so there isn't enough time to get a decent vote on a game for our Monday 3DS session. Luckily, one I've kept hearing about for the past couple of weeks was Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, so we're just going to go with that. To make things much smoother, please make sure you're signed up to the friend database by tomorrow.

However, if you have any suggestions on what to do for the voting process, or perhaps recommendations for Game Night in general, you can leave them below, or if you'd like to do so a little bit more privately, you can always find me through the conTAYct list and we can work something out.


With that out of the way, just remember that there's still time to vote on Wednesday's PC play-session! If you have any suggestions for what to do for games for either PC, PS3, or 3DS for the next time they roll around, please put them down below and vote on them like you did normally the past couple of weeks.


For those of you just joining us or just in case you forgot, Game Night takes place at 4pm EDT (8pm GMT, 9pm BST) and at 9pm EDT (1am GMT, 2am BST). With this in mind, please only vote for the times that you can actually attend.

The Euro-centric time slot (4pm EDT) can be voted on here.

The Americas-centric time slot (9pm EDT) can be voted on here.

I've taken the games listed in the polls above based on recommendations that I've heard the last couple of weeks, tossed in with TF2 because ... it's TF2. Anyways, you can vote on multiple games, so feel free to pick any and all games you'd be interested in playing.


Also, today marks the end of my summer vacation, so I'll be unable to attend anymore Euro-centric Game Nights for the next few months. I'm really sorry, you all, but ... you know, maybe when I get a Monday or Wednesday off from classes we can play together some more! Plus, there's always those other days I have off.

Anyways, the voting will be concluded by the time the post comes up tomorrow as a reminder/sign-up for Luigi's Mansion. If anyone would be interested in hosting for the EU time-slots, assuming a game you can play gets picked please let me know. Also, anyone who could lend a helping hand for the Euro-centric group and help guide everyone in Luigi's Mansion would be much appreciated.


Thanks for voting, everyone. I hope to see you in-game!

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