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I'm really feeling it!
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Game Night: Week of July 22nd - What Should We Play?

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With another week of gaming goodness wrapping up, and the implementation of European times, I looked back at my checklist to see what I wanted to implement down the line, and realized that there's one big one left to do. Let's take the evolution of Game Night just one step further.


It's time to vote for what game you want to play! Well, almost, but not just yet. How about this, I'll let you do it for one of the days next week, does that seem fair? We can work up to it, or maybe not. I'm not quite sure yet.

Well, either way, we'll come back to that in a second. Right now, let's go over what we're going to be doing Monday, July 22nd. That night will be our first ever 3DS night, on a game I know you all love to play, which is Animal Crossings: New Leaf. Specifically, it's my hope that we're going to go around and do the island events to get tokens, since that's all good fun and actually really useful for everyone, but if someone wants to have some dance party of sorts in Club LOL, feel free.


Now, this 3DS night is one I may or may not be able to come to, so just keep an eye out next Monday (July 22) for the sign up for more details. What will most likely end up happening is I'll have people volunteer for letting their towns be visited, or maybe just let you all who feel comfortable with it open up your gates for visitors.

Anyways, on to the voting! I'm not going to let you pick what platform we're playing on this week (it's still a bit of a dicTAYtorship, I'll admit), so we're still going to stick with the PC. However, if you'd like to suggest a game that we could play, feel free. Just post a comment in the discussion section below, if you see an idea you like, just leave a comment under it saying "I agree" or something. You can vote for as many as you want.


I suggest (but it's not required) that we do TF2, Monaco (on sale today, pick it up, you bums), Killing Floor, or maybe even Borderlands 2. On top of this, I've heard suggestions for Civilization 4/5, DotA 2, and many other games, so if you'd like to champion your suggestion you made to me earlier, feel free to do so now.

Also, if you could do me the massive favor of letting me know which time-zone group you will be playing a part in (Americas-centric, Euro-centric, or both). Remember that Euro-centric is 4pm EDT (8pm GMT) and Americas-centric is 9pm EDT (1 am GMT). We may need to make two different games for each group, as much as I hate to say it, but the Euro-centric time group is very, very tiny considering that they have their own time.


That's it for today! Let me know if I forgot anything, and get to voting!

I'll see you all Monday!

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