Hello readers! What did I write about last week? Oh yeah, this awesome fighter for PS1.

This week, I'm sticking with PS1, because I just found one of my favorites lying around my home.

Mega Man Legends came out way back in 1998 for PlayStation. An instant classic, in MML you play as Mega Man...but not the one you were familiar with, back then. Taking place outside of classic Mega Man continuity, this one casts you as Mega Man Volnutt, the adopted son of Barrel Caskett. As "Diggers," the Casketts (That's Mega Man, Barrel, and Roll, the "Spotter") search for Refractors, crystals that serve as energy as well as currency.

Mostly for you, that means running through dungeons and blasting Reaverbots. But the setting was interesting. The game took place on a flooded Earth, and the Casketts, as well as most everyone else (including the Bonnes-more later) travel via airship. As one does in an anime-influenced game.


So naturally, one look at the game all those years ago raised some red flags. I guess I was 12 or 13 when I picked up Legends at KB Toys. (Remember KB?) Something interesting: at the time, I went to KB to buy a GameShark (remember GameShark?) in an error in judgment. Don't worry, I didn't buy one. But I asked to check out the case for Legends. And immediately I questioned it. Where's his helmet? 3D? Adventure game!? What. The. Hell.

But, it said "Mega Man" on the front, and I've been a Mega Man fan since forever. So I picked it up.


And to this day, I'm happy I did.

Playing like more or less a conventional shooter did in 1998, ages before games like Resident Evil 4 would come along, Legends was serviceable enough from a basic gameplay standpoint. You ran, jumped, and shot. There was a lock-on function.


It's all the things in between that shooter gameplay that had me hooked. This is really the first Mega Man game that was an adventure. Exploring Kattelox Island today might not seem that impressive, but back then, I couldn't believe they fit so much game on one CD. It was kind of weird, too, to play a Mega Man game about exploring.

That's not all, though. Legends was oozing with personality. I love Mega Man, but he never had much of a personality until now. (Though he'd get one in later Mega Man X games, I guess.) It's the supporting cast, though, that shines. Specifically, the Bonnes, bumbling pirates who continually get in Mega Man's way. You can't help but love Teisel, Tron, and Bon Bonne, as well as the Servbots. Tron and her Servbots, of course, still making appearances today, thanks to games like Marvel vs Capcom. Hell, Tron had her own game, too, and it's not bad at all.

There's also weapon customization, which goes further than one might think, and a bunch of secrets and Easter Eggs to find. Look for Dr. Wily to make a guest appearance, for example, though his character is...different. In a good way.


The story ended up being deeper than you'd assume from the beginning, and it was really well-told. Again, the problem with looking back at all these old games is, they couldn't do things we take for granted these days. Cinematic experiences like The Last of Us were simply impossible on PlayStation 1.

So the fact like a game like Mega Man Legends could come along in 1998, and tell a story this well, and make you care about the characters, shows you that a game doesn't have to be a movie. Legends tells a fun story with heart, and it's a crime-a crime-that it's not on PSN or being continued on 3DS, as was the plan with Mega Man Legends 3.


True, the graphics are blocky, and the soundtrack, while great, doesn't stick with you the way classic Mega Man tunes do. But still, Legends was awesome. Play it, and you'll see why it has the following it has.

Which makes Capcom's refusal to make more all the more baffling.

Alas, I still have faith. We'll see a third entry. One day.

In the meantime, play Mega Man Legends. Then play Mega Man Legends 2. They're both just the best.


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Next week-I unearthed an obscure PS2 game about giant robots. The controls are weird and awesome. So I'll talk about that, I guess :)