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Hello, all! Last week I wrote about a prequel to a "sort of" popular game.

This week, I replayed another one of my usual, over-the-top mayhem-filled games.


Bayonetta was developed by the always awesome Platinum Games, who I've covered here once before. You play as the titular Bayonetta, a witch who is revived after a twenty year absence with (surprise, surprise) amnesia. She is seeking the other half of a treasure called the Eyes of The World. Along the way, you'll meet an assortment of oddball characters. The story is actually better than I'm making it sound, and in fact, it's better than most games of this ilk.

Seeking the Eyes of The World, of course, means tearing your way through tons of enemies with endless amounts of style. The opening level really sells the over-the-top feel Platinum was going for, as you fight demons while running around a clock tower...that is falling.


Upon firing up the game, you'll recognize the gameplay as reminiscent of Devil May Cry and God of War, though honestly it leans closer to the former. Player skill is the name of the game in Bayonetta, as the focus is on racking up long combos and dodging/countering enemy attacks. Bayonetta has a diverse array of weapons to handle her enemies, not the least notable of which is guns attached to her feet (!), along with a shotgun, katana, etc. etc.

String together a big enough combo, and Bayonetta attacks with her costume itself, which is made of her own hair (again, "!"). These, um, "hair attacks" manifest themselves as gigantic boots or fists that crush enemies, as well as render Bayonetta to a gratuitous state of near-nudity. Fanboys and teenagers rejoice.


Another neat trick is "Witch Time." Dodge an attack just before it connects, and time slows to a crawl, allowing Bayonetta to bring the hurt in the relative blink of an eye. All of this makes you feel like a badass, which you should. Bayonetta is exceptionally powerful and the game goes to great lengths to make sure you know that. It's actually tricky for a lot of games to really make you feel powerful. Some games succeed (Devil May Cry 3) and some don't (Devil May Cry 2). Bayonetta is of the former, thankfully.


You get medals based on your performance in each level, which is great for high-score chasers (we still exist, gamers). The game is perfect for Devil May Cry fans, and in fact outclasses it gameplay-wise. I know I keep invoking Devil May Cry, but that's where Bayonetta clearly takes it's main inspiration from, as seen by the combo-heavy stylish combat and cocky protagonist.

And all of this looks great on screen, too. Bayonetta is certainly competent enough from a graphical standpoint, but it's the art style that draws you in. Bayonetta herself is drawn somewhat elongated, with impossibly long legs and an overall curvy appearance. Enemies run the gamut of demons, bats, and the like, along with gigantic boss creatures. And environments are a pleasure to look at. The style is decidedly European (where the game takes place) and while you see the "European city" backdrop often, you're never bored with the level design. Pre-rendered cutscenes look great, but more often, you're treated to still images with limited movement, sort of like a motion comic. It seemed to me like an odd choice for a game like this, but they work.


There's also a diverse amount of music to serve any mood the game goes for. Sound effects are great, particularly the satisfying "boom" that plays when Bayonetta's giant hair-boot attack lands. And voice acting is solid throughout. Bayonetta herself speaks with a light British accent with the perfect amount of snob, selling her arrogant character. The character Enzo speaks with a poor Joe Pesci voice, which fits. Oddly, but it fits.


Definitely play or replay Bayonetta. If you've never played it, check it out if you're a fan of high-octane action, challenge, or fun. And if you played it already, now's a good time to revisit it, because the sequel's coming soon. For Wii U, so while we're on the subject, go buy one of those too.

Thanks to IGN for the images.

Questions? Comments? Lollipops? Game of The Week suggestions? Post in the comments!


Also decided to postpone my month long GOTW series project until March at the earliest. :(

Next week, we'll check out a crossover title with a stupid amount of characters. Seriously, it's a lot.

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