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Gamer Confessions: Steam Sale

It's that time of year again folks. The time where Gabe Newell sits upon his Iron Throne, made up of discarded game consoles, at Valve Headquarters watching as the gaming masses froth at the mouth for what's going to be discounted during the Steam Sale. Well I hate to tell you sir Gabe, I am immune to the wallet murdering force of your Steam Sales.

I am E1 Salvador and this is my Gamer Confession: I don't care about the Steam Sale.


"But Salvador, how is it that you are immune to saving a ton of money on some awesome games?" Aww hell no, I love saving money on games! I used to spend more time on Cheapassgamer.com than anything else. It was a dark time for my wallet...

In reality, it's actually a culmination of a few different factors.

First off, I'm mostly a console gamer. I didn't have a PC to play games until almost high school, and even then it had a hard time running any game well. Also, by then the ease of console gaming had been deeply ingrained into my gaming personality.

I'm not saying I didn't game on PC: I thoroughly enjoyed Starcraft, Warcraft II, Sid Meier's Civil War, Battlefield Vietnam, and Medal of Honor on PC. I had friends with capable PC's and there was a paintball business that had a PC LAN center set up inside the main store as well. It was where I was first introduced into shooters and realized that I wasn't half bad at them.

But I've never really had a computer good enough to run the newer games, still don't, and don't really care to. All I really use the PC for is internet, typing something up, and the occasional indie games.

I even own a handful of them on Steam. See?

This brings me to my other point though, I like my physical media. No, LOVE my physical media. I've been called a 'mediaphile' by my friends. Digital books? Nope, give me the actual ink and paper. Music? Why sure I'll walk into the store and buy the CD. Movies and TV shows? Show me the Blu Ray/DVD combo pack. Games? Box and manual all the way.

I'm a collector and to me there is nothing greater than a fellow gamer walking into my place, seeing my collection, and then just watching them sit there and take it all in. You can't do that with digital downloads. What am I going to do, show them my hard drive with all the games I have downloaded?


Mmm, take in the awesome that is my digital collection...

"Oh yeah, what about all those XBLA and PSN games you buy huh? Nothing you can do about those!" Yeah, if they release disc compilations of downloadable games I have, I tend to buy them again. Redownloading them once Xbox Live and the PSN get taken offline many, many years down the line won't be an option, but putting the disc in my tray will be. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

Do I wish I can get as excited as everyone else about the Steam Sales? Most definitely, but I don't think that will ever really happen. I'm happy buying my boxed copies of games for my consoles and getting more shelves to display them on and I can wait for an indie game to get ported over to consoles, even if it takes years.

So fellow gamers, I may never be part of the Steam Sale collective or much less the PC Master Race, but I am not in the slightest ashamed of this. There are and will always be different kinds of gamers: PC gamer, console gamer, hardcore fighter, handheld gamer, indie gamer, Sports gamer, racers, and on and on. We can't fit all the criteria, but it doesn't lessen the fact that we are still a GAMER at heart.


Yes I'm finishing this up with a picture of a download only title. Don't judge me!

Well TAY, any confessions you have or are you too busy buying and playing games off of the Steam Sale? Maybe you have something of your own to say? Check out TAY Classic then. Need help figuring out how to post? The TUTorial has you covered. Also the TAYlander needs your help filling out important gaming/geeky/nerdy events that are going on.


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