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I think we have all been in at least one situation where we as gamers face a disaster either with our games or, knock on wood, one of our precious systems. I can remember very distinctly some very "Oh shit, please God no, I can't let this happen" moments when dealing with my own gaming. Since we just recently moved and I had to worry about packing everything and getting it over there safely because I am definitely not in the financial situation to replace ANYTHING. So I would like to share some of my more memorable Disasters, and I hope you guys will tell me some of yours, if the pain isn't too much.

Sadly the first picture is rather telling as my original xbox did eventually succumb to the red ring. I had had close calls with in the past but I had always been quick enough, or lucky enough, to catch it before it went completely.(Thanks a lot Soul Calibur 4, I play you for a measly 12 hours and you try to murder my xbox). And what finally did it, what finally brought down this mighty beast that had survived since launch was Skyrim. It was just too much for the old girl. I had been playing for a few days, adventuring quite thoroughly and then right as I was about to finish fisticuffing a giant to death my screen froze. I thought it was just Skyrim being Skyrim until I saw.....It. The red ring, fully flashed out and staring balefully back at me. I was devastated. But accepting my loss I was forced to move quickly and replace her, that I may resume Skyrim.


My next disaster happened to my beloved Gameboy. I know what you are thinking, what could you possibly have done to that thing to actually harm it, as it was made from pure Nintendium but I suppose this was merely a fluke. I remember it distinctly because I was playing Pokemon Red at my Cousins house when I tripped over something, as I began to fall I instinctively moved to protect the gameboy but my Cousin grabbed for my hand, this usually awesome circumstance instead led to him smacking the Gameboy from my hand with great force, directly into the outside wall of his house, hurting the Gameboy quite badly. Luckily enough the cartridge remained unscathed but the Gameboy was sadly inactive.

All this talk is bringing all the scratched disks, deleted save files, and lost memory cards to the fore for me dearest friends, and I fear I cannot go on. Cheer me up would you, with tales of your own tragedies. I believe misery does love company. And of course, I belatedly and humbly apologize for my long absence. Tis good to be back.

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