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Hello there everyone! I know, you thought I had perished or at least had the electricity cut off at my apartment but no I am back! Technically I never left but I was on strict lurker mode while I got used to my new job. Yes my dearest TAY I luckily managed to get a job, and a good one, before things got truly dire in my household. So I wanted my first article as I got back to be about something I love, that being food. And I wanted to talk about the foods we eat while we are gaming! So please let me know what foods you all like to eat while you game!

I know what you are thinking, the food pictured is probably the worst possible thing that you could eat while you are gaming, staining everything you touch crimson with cheeto dust, from your controllers to your remote to your very clothes, nay even to your fingertips. But I crossed that bridge many moons ago due to my love of this particular snack food. I actually eat flaming hot cheetos using Hashi, or chopsticks. It keeps me from getting that delicious cheeto dust anywhere but directly to my mouth. Now admittedly at the beginning before I had gotten used to it it had the unfortunate tendency to merely send the cheetos flying across the room much to my dismay and my pets delight. But once I had got the hang of it it was smooth sailing from there. I find that the spiciness actually helps my game sometimes, letting me concentrate a bit more on what I am doing. Like trying to get the proper times on the Podraces in KOTOR without doing TOO well that I would not be able to beat my old time well enough to move on.


Okay now this next one may seem a bit weird but just stay with me now. I will get this out of the way and say that one of my all time favorite snackfoods for any occasion is actually radishes. So the fact that it moved over to gaming with me just makes sense. I love radishes so much. They are crunchy and they have a good bite to them. Plus whilst I am snacking on them and playing a game I feel somewhat less bad about myself as compared to snacking on chips during the same interval. I think it is important to find healthy alternatives to snacks that we eat during our leisure time. While I adore junk food there are a few healthy options that I enjoy as much if not more.

And then as if to fly into the face of that statement we come to my next bit of gamer grub which is pizza, specifically frozen pizza. There is just something about it that reminds me of when I was first gaming and I would be just absolutely enthralled with whatever game I was playing at the moment and my Mom would take pity on me and pop one of these in the oven. The smell of pizza would waft through the air and my stomach would start to rumble. But when it cooled enough to eat I would take a few quick bites and continue gaming. It is one of those foods that I so associate with gaming that if I encounter it in another situation my hands itch for a controller.


Well that is certainly enough about me so I would like to bring it to you guys and ask what exactly you guys like to eat while you are gaming. It can be a snack, an actual meal, or even a drink you associate with it. Let the grub begin.

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