I'll level with you, I'm having a swell day. Things seem to be going swimmingly at my summer job and I maaaay have found a way to fund ClassRealm after all.

Then I arrive home to find a mysterious box on my front porch. A box from New York. I immediately assumed it was dangerous drugs, but seeing as I hadn't ordered any I decided to take a look inside.

Turns out it was really a box of goodies from Zarnyx, fantastic friend and newest TAY admin! Also, UI 2.0! He helped! She sent me all sorts of cool doohickies from the Animal Crossing: New Leaf launch at Nintendo World in New York City. Not to mention a few bonus Nintendo items. As you can see in the picture above I received an Animal Crossing decal/sticker thing for the 3DS (I think), a Bowser gift bag, a Kirby pencil, two boxes of Pocky snacks, a DJ KK Slider button, a hand written letter (on adorable paper!) and an mystery ball that held...


Duh nuh nuh nuhhhhhh! It's child Link from Ocarina of Time with his trusty slingshot!

Did I mention that I've known Zarns for, like, a few months? I've never met her in person. Obviously I'm going to have to send her a fun prize package full of gaming goodies. You rock Zarnyx and UI 2.0! Thank you so much for the kindness and the launch day stuff. *hugs and high fives for you both*