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Gamer Shame

This is gonna get ugly my dear friends. Today I would like to talk about something that we can be made to feel sometimes for our gaming choices, specifically what we have NOT played. I am talking about the kinds of games that when you say you have not played them people look at you and they get that special gamer glare like they want to take away your gaming privileges until you have played what they deem to be the most important game or game series out there. So I want to talk about my personal Gamer Shame, starting with the above picture. I have never played a Metal Gear Solid game all the way through, nor do I see the appeal of them.

Now this is not to say that I look down on the people that play it but when I say that I have never played them through or did not like them then there is always that one person in the group that will look at me like I kicked a particularly cute furry mammal or something. I have tried several times to get into the games, multiple different games but there they sit on the shelf like it is the island of misfit toys or something, definitely not used. The above game even came with my PS3 and I attempted to play through it but stopped an hour or so in because I was just not enjoying it. Felt like I missed the bus or something on that one.


This is another one of the big ones that really seems to stick in peoples craw when I say I have not played them. I have not played through the Halo games, the closest I have gotten was attempting to help my best friend play through Halo 3 on the co op. But we never even finished the game. Other than that my only experience with the games are playing the multiplayer when my friends felt like making fun of me, or were desperate for another team member. I suck at Halo guys, plain and simple. The reason I have avoided it is because it is like my kryptonite or something. The moment the match starts I turn into a blathering idiot and am blown up, shot, or stabbed fairly quickly. I do not particularly enjoy shooters but I will play through the big ones if I can just so I know what is happening. But this particular one just never worked for me, it always ended with me getting pissed at my friends or something and just rage quitting it.

Now this one I actually kind of feel bad about. I have never played any of the Castlevania games. Not a single one of them not even the older ones. I just have never picked one up for any of the consoles I have owned. It seems like it would be fun to play but every time that I start to think about grabbing it my mind gets distracted by some other game and I forget about it once more, it is just one of those series that for whatever reason does not stick on my brain so they never get picked up. The gameplay looks fun and I would certainly like to fix this particular gap in my gaming knowledge but I just never remember it when I need to.


What about you dear TAY? What are the games or series of games that you have not played that make people double take and look at you like you said you have never watched Star Wars or something?

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