I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So while sittin in our illustrious IRC Chat good ol' Stranger encountered a problem:

[11:32] * Stranger sighs

[11:33] <@Stranger> Why do they have to put all the landmarks in DA:I in the hardest places to reach? ;-;

[11:34] <Sa1vador> hashtag gamer probelms

[11:34] <Sa1vador> #gamerproblems

And so now here we are. I'm pretty sure this already exists but how about you give your best, worst, or funny Gamer Problems. Hasthtag optional.

For example:

  • Had to buy two copies of Destiny to play with friends on both XB1 and PS4. #GamerProblems
  • Between Persona games, Call of Duty multiplayer, and Hearthstone I have no time for the real world. #GamerProblems
  • Bought all the Amiibos. Have no shelf space to display them. #GamerProblems
  • Out of Doritos and Mountain Dew. Taco Bell run imminent to continue gaming. #GamerProblems
  • Game installed. Now have to wait for the update before I play. #GamerProblems
  • My mods keep making the game crash. #GamerProblems

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