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Gamers Casting Couch: Star Fox the Movie

Gaming movies aren't known for being particularly well made. In fact it seems most of the best gaming movies (Scott Pilgrim, Wreck It Ralph, etc.) aren't even based on real games. So let's take a look at who should be cast in some classic video game roles for the big screen.

This edition of Casting Couch features the classic piloting franchise Star Fox. I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that a real life version of Star Fox would be... disturbing. I'm not sure how they'd pull it off with real people, but it would probably be something like Garfield (No) or Marmaduke (OH GOD NO). So let's just assume that a Star Fox movie would be completely CG, hopefully made by DreamWorks or Pixar. Possibly stop motion...

I realize that they could just get the original voice crew, but come on, this is Hollywood! I believe a director would want to take the best story from the Star Fox timeline, the one from Star Fox 64. Classic.


Here are my actor choices to voice the Star Fox crew.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Fox McCloud

Levitt is young, hip and quite the smooth operator in most of his new films. I could see him representing Fox in a good way.


Matt Damon is Falco Lombardi

With his dramatic range of cocky touch guys with accents Damon would be perfect to shout "Hey Einstein, I'm on your side!"


Charlie Day is Slippy Toad

Annoying and high pitched, also amazingly hilarious. Charlie screaming for Fox to get guys off him just feels like the right move.


Jeff Bridges is Peppy Hare

The oldest member of the Star Fox crew should oly be played by an actor with some serious experience. My money is on The Dude.


Gary Oldman is Wolf O'Donnell

When portraying wolf you need someone with class and a voice like smooth butter. Oldman has the chops.


Jack Black is Pigma Dengar

No explanation needed.


Jude Law is General Pepper

It was hard to decide between Oldman and Law on this one, and even though Law is younger I think he would bring the right pomp and circumstance to the role. I think. Darn, maybe they should be switched.


Now here's the really fun part. The part where you tell me how wrong I am for picking certain characters. The only catch to this is that if you decide to rail me for picking the wrong guy you need to tell me who I should have picked. I'm very interested to hear all your thoughts!

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