I'm really feeling it!

Facebook is fine. You can find old friends. You can stalk them. You can get restraining orders against you. You can go to jail. Yes, Facebook is A-OK. But actually it's not.

For it's intended purpose it's fine. You can go on and feel bad that your life isn't nearly so exciting as everyone else's based on their perfect happy family vacation photos. That's great. You can comment with barely disguised bitterness. Also good. You can reconnect with long lost loves who've moved on and want nothing to do with you.


I keep going in circles. Fine, for the average Joe it is what it is. A way to message your friends, I guess. For people like me, that holds absolutely no interest. I can look at a picture of your vacation but that's not really interactive. I hate to be callous but I don't really care at all about that kind of thing. Same with pictures of your kids. Or your pets. Or selfies. Or....really any of your hobbies that aren't pertinent to my interests.

To put it another way, Facebook is like watching commercials about feminine hygiene products. It's completely irrelevant to me. Maybe this is just me. I have a pretty ...."unique" personality. If you wanna do the personality inventory thing, I'm INTJ so I am "functional." I like things that have meaning to me. Facebook does not have meaning to me.

There needs to be targeted Facebook. Subcommunities for people who like games, for people who like children, for people who like Mexican Pizza. I like the Vita format where trophies and the like are posted to a "wall." That sort of thing that you could access from a computer would be interesting. You could comment on your friend's recent play activity. Or say, "Your children are very adorable." Or talk about how the best Mexican Pizza you ever had was in sixth grade.

I don't know. I just find that Facebook has absolutely no appeal for me.

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