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Gamers Remorse

As all of you know I am a huge fan of Dynasty Warriors but all this talking about it has made me think of something I think we have all experienced as gamers. And that is gamers remorse, specifically where you buy a game and regret it or played a game and then almost instantly regretted it, staring at your television or handheld in abject horror as the hours wasted flash before your eyes. It's okay everyone, that my text is now blurred with your hate tears, we are going to talk about it and hopefully by doing so we can find some measure of peace.

I had strayed from the path of the Warrior for a while since I had hit college and more specifically college had hit me right in the free-time repeatedly until there was little to be had and my friends wouldn't let me be a hermit, which I found wholly inconsiderate of them. So when I spotted this at a particular video game store I was intrigued by the different boxart. It looked like they had taken Zhao Yun and made him a Super Saiyan. This held promise. Bolstered by the promise of the box art I purchased Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce and immediately went back to my dorm room to play it. As the opening video played I was feeling pretty good about my purchase. Over the top fights made even moreso? Thank you very much! Little did I know the horrors that yet awaited me....


I started playing in the little village area and was a little surprised at how jerky and kind of stilted everything felt but I was sure that once the combat started I would feel fine again. The combat started and it felt weird and alien, wrong in many different ways from what I was used to with my Dynasty Warriors games. The weapons felt less special to the character and the officer fights felt weird and overdone. When every fight is made to feel like they are as awesome as Lu Bu it starts to lose its shine a little bit. And the graphics looked very neon and kind of irksome to the eyes.

It felt like they had taken a game series and tried a very radical change, which might even work for some people, make them feel like they were making a valued attempted something wonderful. This was not the case for me. I hated this game. It is the only Dynasty Warriors or Dynasty Warriors-like game I have played that I well and truly did not like(Which is saying something considering I have played all the Gundam ones, the Fist of North Star ones, and the One Piece one). And to this day stands as the only videogame I have ever disliked enough to RETURN to the aforementioned game store. I still beat it, but it was more a matter of hate playing a game than anything else.

A special sidenote being that it was almost another game I wrote about but I did not hate it enough to return it so it lost out.


But more importantly, I would like to hear about the games that filled you with gamers remorse TAY! I am sure I will think of more as I read your comments, share your pain! We need to talk about it, it is the first step to healing. My name is EtchedChamp and I am living with Gamers Remorse.

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