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Games: A medium for thinking outside the box

So, I just played this 'game' called ALZ. In it, you play the role of a faceless man who is suffering from the affects of Alzheimer's disease. I can honestly say that I'm tearing up after playing it. I personally find memory loss very disturbing.

There is something to be said about the medium of story telling through games, that just can't be done with books, music and film.


In games, you're not simply an outside observer. You get thrust into the role of another being, and are made to experience life as they do. If a game does it correctly, you can be transported to a place where you directly relate to the character's experiences. You feel as if you are them, for a time.

With games like Depression Quest, Cart Life and Paper's Please, the player gets to see life from a perspective they may never experience firsthand.

I really see games being a great way to help people relate to each other in this crazy world we've created. Which I see only as a way to help us grow as a better, more progressive society.

I hope we see more games that really examine and relate the ways others struggle through life with their personal burdens.

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