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Games and the Discovery of Music

Growing up, we really don't know what kind of music we like. Our first exposure to music comes from whatever our parents listen to, and then whatever our older siblings listen to. Then we go to school and start listening to whatever everyone else is listening to. Eventually we hear that one song or album that makes us go, "Wow I want to hear more of this." and we start our independent journey of music discovery.

How are we exposed to this music? Sure if you're lucky your parents will introduce you to it if they're awesome, but oftentimes we don't like the same music as our parents. Sometimes it's our friends, but again we don't always have the same taste as our friends. Chances are, you hear it on the radio or in a movie or at a party or something like that. But for me, it was a game.


Most games have their own unique music specific to the game. Amazing game soundtracks come to mind like Zelda and Final Fantasy. Other times games have licensed soundtracks of songs from other artists. Instantly games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band come to mind. These are games based entirely off of music after all. But other kinds of games have these kinds of soundtracks. Other common culprits are sports games and racing games.

The game that started my interest in metal music was a racing game of all things. The game was Need for Speed: Most Wanted which, to this day, remains one of my favorite games of all time. The game's soundtrack is comprised of it's fair share of rap music, and even a bit of electronic music, but there's a great deal of metal in there as well, something sorely lacking in future games in the series.

The first songs that jumped out at me from Most Wanted were the songs "Blinded in Chains" by Avenged Sevenfold, which is the first metal song I ever bought on iTunes, and "Decadence" by Disturbed, who remain my favorite band of all time after all these years (and yes, that's where the Disturbed in DisturbedShadow is from). The game also introduced me to Bullet for my Valentine, Mastodon, and Static-X.


Without Most Wanted, I would not have discovered my favorite genre of music as early as I did and I am very grateful for that. Alongside the games that helped me to get through tough times the metal music I listened to inspired me to carry on as well.

Even if you're not a metalhead, feel free to share how you got into your favorite genre of music whatever it is. Or maybe there's a specific game you think has the best licensed soundtrack. I'd love to know.


Today's Playlist

As per Metal Monday tradition, I leave you with a playlist of metallic awesomeness to start your morning if you wish to listen. Of course today will feature the metal songs from Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Enjoy!


Blinded in Chains by Avenged Sevenfold

Decadence by Disturbed

Hand of Blood by Bullet for my Valentine

Blood and Thunder by Mastodon

Skinnyman by Static-X

Metal Monday is a weekly column by DisturbedShadow on TAY that discusses all things metal. Every Monday morning, we will discuss something metal related and leave you with a playlist to listen to. If it has to do with gaming you'll find it on TAY and if not you can find it over on TAYClassic.

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