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Games and the Gamers who Love Them

Hello nü-TAY! My name's pocoGRANDES; you can call me poco! I'm glad to see so many familiar names in the author column here; hopefully we'll keep the same lovely vibe that attracted me to TAY in the first place... But enough chit-chat; let's get started with the chit-chat!

I thought it might be nice to have a little commenter-introduction thread in honor of the new format. To make it a bit more fun, I'm stealing an idea someone had over on the pressxordie forums: your top gaming 3 x 3. That's your top 9 games, arranged in a mosaic, like so:


"But poco," you say, "are these my favoritest games EVARR or the games I play the most right now or the games that used to be my favorite but I never play anymore?" First of all, calm down, voice in my head. It's just for fun! Think of this as a way to represent what kind of gamer you are. What are the games that made you want to bother commenting on a site like Kotaku in the first place? Also, feel free to throw in an explanation of why each game affected you so much. Like-a-so:

Super Mario Brothers 3: When I think about it, this was probably the game that got me into gaming more than anything else. I played it again not too long ago... still perfect.

Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III): This was the game that opened my eyes to the wonderful wonderfulness (hey, I'm writing this for free) of the JRPG genre... These were games I thought looked too "boring" when they were new, but years later when I got my first emulator I ate my words (with relish!). FFVI remains a gold standard to me in terms of videogame storytelling.

Duck Tales: I swear this isn't on my brain just because of the remake (though I am incredibly excited about that); this was the 2nd most played game of my childhood. I loved the non-linear level structure, where you could choose which missions to do first. Also, who doesn't love Duck Tales?


Deus Ex: When my mom bought us a new computer in 1998 (a Gateway 2000!) I somehow managed to finagle a subscription to PC Gamer magazine as well, and the sweet sweet demo discs that came packaged with it. That was how I got started PC gaming, although it didn't last too long as a hobby. Deus Ex has the distinction of being the first game I'd ever paid full price for out of my own pocket. Worth every penny. I must have played that first level dozens of times over the years.

Mario Tennis 64: Still the ultimate multiplayer game for me. Something about it just makes me happy. So many fond memories of my college roommates and I holding epic round-robin tournaments into the wee hours.


Dragon Quest VIII: Another game that I credit with getting me back into JRPGs, even though it's several years old. I love everything about this game; the combat, the simple yet compelling story, the monster arena, the characters... everything. Well, okay, everything except the world map.

Portal 2: Doubt there's much left to be said regarding how amazing this game is, but I was late to the party and just finished it a few months ago. Whatta game... I almost put the Orange Box up here instead for sheer volume of games, but Portal 2 simply can not be denied.


Journey: Journey is something that I think game-historians (it'll be a thing!) will be talking about years from now. A beautiful, perfect story, and absolutely gorgeous to boot. I was interested in thatgamecompany after playing Flower, but after playing Journey I officially became a Jenova Chen fanboy.

Crusader Kings II: I'd occasionally dipped my feet in the strategy-game waters back in my PC Gamer days, but I usually ended up too intimidated by the learning curve and the multi-tasking required. CKII changed all that, and even got me to reassess my Mac (I know, I know) as an actual gaming machine. Now I've got bootcamp set up and a huge steam library, and I can credit this game's ridiculously addictive combination of strategy and role-playing for it. This would be my desert-island game; I feel like I could spend years just exploring it.


To make your mosaic go to: http://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php I look forward to seeing what y'all come up with! Happy tuesday everyone!

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