Welcome to my new mini-series of personal opinion arTAYcles. Oh yes, I was gone for four whole weeks, but it was not all beach and good times. There was a lot of hard work, music making and video games! I will tell you all about that last bit.

I left my Wii U at home, I was planning on playing some backlog games I missed on my dad's Playstation 3. Big mistake. Today it's his birthday and I assure you he must be playing some sort of racing game. Because he did so every day I was with mom and him on vacations. I'm not sure if I should be scared or proud but this is a fact: My dad is completely hooked on Playstation 3 racing simulators. So I had to improvise...

Enter my laptop. A wonderful ASUS machine, powered by Windows 7. I spend so much time video editing and music making on it (that's a very odd MIDI controller I got hooked up there by the way) I keep forgetting it is one hell of a competent games machine. So I took a look at the pile of PS3 games I was planing on take on and got their (currently very cheap) PC versions.


These games are old, but there will surely be spoilers ahead. I will keep those as light as possible, but yee be warned. I will conclude each piece with a simple, more personal small "Would I buy It today for Wii U?" note.

Catch you on the bounce! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Next time on Games of Summer 2014: Beautiful aerial metal carnage.