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Games of Summer 2014 - Inventory Management Is The True Horror

I have been a huge fan of the Resident Evil series right off he bat. The original Playstation title brought many changes to the industry, including ridiculous voice acting! After the master piece that Resident Evil 4 remains and since I didn't own any home console where the series continued, I was left out of the horror.


But then something happened, Capcom revealed Resident Evil Revelations was to be a 3DS exclusive (while that term lasts nowadays anyway) and the game was so unbelievably good I was left wandering what had happened between 4 and that outing that got so many fans jaded with then current generation outings. So it was about time I catch up on Biohazardry affairs. Enter the 5th horror!

Packing more heat than a small nation's army.

" Wow! nice graphix!" would my 90's inner child scream at the screen. It really is quite impressive just how far off things have gone from the original Playstation title. Look at Chris, he looks like a real life G.I. Joe action figure, impossible biceps (aka The Guns of the Navarone) included!

Well, I was hooked on it right off the bat. I changed the controls settings around until I found out a " Resident Evil 4 Style" setting. That's right, I completed the whole game without the ability to fire while moving, it adds to the tension nicely. I understand Capcom was trying to pull a Call of Duty wink to the audience (something even more evident later in the game, when regular enemies start shooting back at you... with guns!), but perhaps pleasing to a new crowd would mean displeasing the Biohazard veterans. I think that is probably the real problem with this game, it has to live in the shadow of 4.

The world famous "Jill Sandwich" in the making.

And then we also have new face Sheva. Twice the characters, twice the horror, right? Well no, not really, she became a safety net for last minute mistake correcting. And sometimes, she also became annoying by wasting ammo in silly ways. Those bullets are hard to come by, lady! Don't use SMG bullets on regular bad guys,woman! Well at least she is a effective mule, eh?


No wait, she isn't. The real horror of Resident Evil 5 is inventory management. Unlike in 4, pulling up the inventory will not pause the game, so trading bullets and guns with your partner on the go becomes really risky business if you don't do it somewhere safe. Eventually at some point in the game, you will be carrying so much crap that you just wont know what to take or where to invest upgrades in. At least in your first playtrought when you're never too sure what you will come up against in the area ahead.

I did quite enjoy the vehicle sections, those where fun and break up the regular gameplay nicely. Mercenaries Mode remains extremely addicting. I did enjoy the bonkers plot, I got a little tired of the game half way into the ruins sections but things pick up nicely near the end in the lab facility and cargo ship. That final battle really set the bar high! I have to consider Resident Evil 5 an excellent ride overall, but in the end and not really by it's own fault, I prefer to take the previous ride. Both these games are really cheap this weekend over at STEAM so you might want to give them ago if you don't own them on any home console.


Don't cry for me, Argentina! *cue in Adagio for Strings*

After completing the game and as you might guess from the picture above, I was awarded with a Minigun! Some of the bosses carry this baby and it comes with infinite bullets right from the start! As such, here is a video of an alternate mission where Irving instead of supplying Chris and Sheva with two puny water pistols decks them out with enough fire power to take on a small country. It did not go as I expected and I ended up getting killed by the most unsuspecting of enemies... these guys are also a really big menace in Zelda's universe as well. Enjoy!

Would I buy It today for Wii U?

Maybe I would! The Gamepad would take care of the inventory management has id did when they converted Revelations for Wii U and every other machine on earth. It would also be very fun to play the game or Mercenaries with a guy on the big screen and a friend on the Gamepad. Many possibilities here, but Capcom doesn't really seem to be focusing on anything that isn't called Monster Hunter on Nintendo right now.


Wonder if 4 will ever be surpassed during my lifetime... catch you on the bounce! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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*Omake* I did begin playing Resident Evil 6 after finishing this one but barely scrathed the surface. The pacing felt really off from the regular series, but I hope to one day fully explore it.

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