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Me and Capcom go back a long, long way. I started noticing their logo on ZX Spectrum arcade conversions, usually done more or less great by U.S Gold. It carried on to the Commodore Amiga, where U.N. Squadron, Final Fight and Strider rocked my childhood. But there is one single moment I will never forget: Playing Street Fighter II The World Warrior for the first time at the arcades.


I picked Zangief from the roster (I was into WWF big time back then, we all were), proceed in trashing my friend and played for three glorious rounds before being defeat by Guile. Not bad considering the arcade only had three of the six buttons. Good thing I had memorized all special moves from one of the latest Computer & Video Games. That first time the Spinning Piledriver connected was quite a feat!

Let's go again for one more round.

Say "Tiger"!

During last year's vacation I bought Super Street Fighter IV for PC, quite cheaply I might add. It was actually the first time I played the HD version of the game, I only had the 3DS lunch day version of the game. Ok, I did say I was only going to talk about old games in Games of Summer 2014, but let's open an exception for this one. It was just so irresistibly cheap sitting there on the new arrivals pile I just had to indulge myself.

So what's new? Poison stands out as the most iconic addition to the fighting roster along with four others: Rolento, Hugo, Elena and Decapre. Along with revised fighting mechanics, this game also bundles up tons of DLC costumes for every character which is something I would never really buy. I do not agree with the "pay for extra skins" model, it's something it should be rewarded for free for players who achieve certain game objectives, but I digress...

"Wow, this should be a really balanced fight!" said no one ever.

Capcom does have it's ups and downs, and much like Konami back in the 8 and 16 bit generation, they produced incredible game after incredible game. Street Fighter even after decades endured in it's position as the top fighting game in the world and rightfully so. It's just such an amazing experience to play against either CPU or friends, hours just fly on by without a care in the world. It's a shame the arcades are gone, I used to play this quite a lot on the place I go on vacations, but like most of the world, they are all gone now. The arcades live on in my imagination... and PC it would seem.


Planing ahead for this series of arTAYcles, after uninstalling Super and installing Ultra I actually recorded my first time playing! Enjoy below.

Low tier or not, one fact remains: Hakan is still an oily bastard.

Would I buy It today for Wii U?

Yes, in a heart beat! In fact, don't tell Capcom, I would pay full price for this game on Wii U. I really don't get it, I have Super Street Fighter IV on 3DS from day one but am I suppose to live of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition for the rest of this hardware generation? Come on Capcom, you're leaving money in my pocket, that's no way to run a profitable business...


Catch you on the bounce! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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