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Gaming and My Mother

With Mother's Day this Sunday I've decided to talk about how gaming was part of my earliest childhood memories as well as how games bonded me and my mother together.

Truth be told, I didn't become a gamer until 11 years old. Before I became a rabid Pokemon fan I hated playing games. In my household it was my mother who was the gamer. When we first moved into our house the old owners had left behind an old Atari system with a bunch of games. My mom was a housewife at the time and didn't know how to drive so she couldn't leave the house unless my dad took her somewhere. When she wasn't cooking, cleaning or entertaining me she would divide her time between her crafting hobby and playing on the old Atari. Her favorite game was Pac-Man. She would play it for hours at a time and even got so good she managed to get the score to reset to zero.


After my parents got divorced she finally learned to drive. With her new found abilities she could go to stores whenever she liked and discovered the bounty that was thrift shops. She'd always find a lot of old games and new (old) systems to play. Since I was older now and had discovered Pokemon, it was a hobby we were learning to share with each other. She'd play Mario and Sonic (though she was disappointed with the way the first game ended). She got so good at Tetris she made it to the 23rd level. One year she splurged a bit and found the special edition Pokemon Stadium N64 set was marked down. It was only 75 bucks, but at the time things were very tight, but it was Christmas and she knew how much I liked Pokemon. We couldn't get games very often then, but the ones we did got played until they were finished.

Around the end of college she stopped playing games. She developed a disease that attacked her joints, so it made it hard for her to sit on the floor and play for hours on end. And she stopped finding the games she liked to play. Too many games with too long cut scenes that bored her.

Now I'm the gamer of the house.

Though she doesn't play anymore we still have all the old systems, including the old Atari and when she finds a new used game store and finds some Pokemon merchandise she thinks I might like she always lets me know. And one of my earliest memories was the comforting Doop-Dooop-Doop of Pac-Man starting up and starting to chomp on the little pellets.

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