I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Gaming/Music Mashups with WingZero351

Hey guys, WingZero351 here. You might remember me from the Game of The Week articles I post every Tuesday.

I wanted to try something new today, so I decided to explore a couple of examples of music to listen to while gaming.


I've been looking for music that goes with gaming well (besides the in-game music, of course) so here's a couple of examples, along with linking to Bandcamp, where you can listen to their entire albums for free. Focusing on two indie musicians that I'm a big fan of.


Chipzel is a chiptune musician from Ireland, who composes music on a Game Boy using Little Sound DJ. Check out the song above, it's amazing. Considering the fast-paced retro sound, listen to Chipzel while playing retro puzzlers like Tetris or more modern ones like Meteos. Also works with shoot-em-ups, but mostly anything works with those, like Guile's Theme. With the slew of indie, retro-style games coming out on Steam every day, a chiptune album fits quite well. And if you're from the NES/Game Boy age like me, you'll be transported back to a time when games only needed two buttons.


The Seconds

Okay, full disclosure here: I'm friends with the singer. Still, despite John telling me he was in a folk-rock band (and sending me running for the hills) the resulting sound is anything but. The latest album is, well, kind of indie-rock/power pop? I don't know, but they're awesome. Goes perfect with games that don't require twitch reflexes. For example, playing classic board games on Xbox Live like Carcassonne or Catan, or even something like Gone Home, in case you want a change of pace from the (awesome) riot grrrl soundtrack. They have a KIND OF 90's-ish sound, a little, so it fits with the timeframe, too. Also bizarrely works with shoot-em-ups like Gradius or Radiant Silvergun, (Seriously, try it. It's weird.) Or play their recent album, Monstro, with Kingdom Hearts, because hell, it's got a whale named Monstro.


That's just two examples (sorry I gotta cut this short), but anyone else have great music/game matchups? Hit the comments! I plan on posting a "Part Two" of sorts to this article, maybe even make it recurring, so I'd love some feedback!

UPDATE: Actually, I have a neat idea. Let's turn this article into something kind of resembling Kirk's greatest PC games list. For the next few days or a week or so, post musicians or bands in the comments and explain what games they would match up well with. I'll add them to this article and just update as soon as I can.


Try to keep some kind of format, like, the name of the band/musician, what type of music it is, and a description about them and what plays best with them. Sort of like:

Band name


Paragraph about them and a game match

Video, if you can

Let's see what happens. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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