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Gaming Music Monday

Hey everyone! With 3dsbuzz.com shut down and my ears still yearning to listen to gaming music, I am bringing my weekly article on music here to Tay!

Originally my weekly article was called Nintendo Music Sunday and I would bring five music selections each for everyone to listen to each Sunday. Here I am going to do the same thing but on Monday! This week I have chosen all of the tracks myself but starting next week, with help from all of you readers, I will have five tracks that are chosen by you all to talk about.


I want to let everyone know I don't particularly know anything about music. I haven't taken any music classes and cannot deconstruct this music and tell you exactly what is great about it. What I can do is give you my reason for enjoying it as a fan of video games and music and I will do my best to sound slightly knowledgeable! Without any further adieu, welcome to Gaming Music Monday!

9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors- Morphogenetic Sorrow

Oh boy, let me just start off by saying that 9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors was one of the most emotionally draining games that I have played on the DS. The great characters and interesting story had loads to do with that, but I almost feel like this track was what nearly did me in. There is something to this music that is just really off-kilter to me. It has a slightly creepy feel to it while still maintaining its melancholic nature. Without actually spoiling anything, I will say this track made for the most emotional game of Sudoku that I have ever played. Be sure to give this track a listen and enjoy the music!

Xenoblade Chronicles- Mechonis Field

This track from Xenoblade Chronicles is actually my favorite track of 2012 and my favorite ever featured in Nintendo Music Sunday. Mechonis Field is really something special I think. It suits its area perfectly and evokes something in me as a player that few tracks can. It makes me feel nostalgic while still feeling new. The track has something in it that makes me think of sitting in my living room floor and playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Chemical Plant Zone specifically. I'm sure there are quite a few of you here that will enjoy this track the same way that I do!


Kingdom Hearts- Ending Theme

Kingdom Hearts features some of my favorite music of all time from one of my favorite composers, Yoko Shimomura. When I finally finished the original Kingdom Hearts way back when it released, being greeted by this music was a treat indeed. There is something really triumphant about the music present in the Kingdom Hearts series. Even though the original game ended on a slightly sad note, the music appropriately gives you a feeling that the future holds better things for Sora and the crew. For anyone feeling a bit down I definitely recommend giving this music a good listening to you.


Ni No Kuni- Field

The next track that I bring to you wonderful people today is the Main Theme from Ni No Kuni! This soundtrack really kept me entertained for hours upon hours. Even after having heard certain tracks dozens of times I still found myself tapping to the beat and humming along with the the melody. The one track that I remember enjoying no matter how many times I heard it is the Field music. Running across the rolling hills and beautiful vistas of Ni No Kuni felt enjoyable each time because of music like this.


Nier- Kaine Salvation

The final track that I bring to you today comes from the fantastically emotional game, Nier. Nier was tragically underrated upon release and has since become quite the cult classic. Although the main character is literally the ugliest I have ever seen in a video game and the world can be a bit ugly, the fascinating story and amazing soundtrack really makes Nier one of the most memorable games this generation for me. This track which I remember from learning Kaine's back story during your second playthrough laid a perfectly emotional background to her sad history. When listening to the soundtrack this is always my go to track.


And there you have the first edition of Gaming Music Monday finished! Hopefully there was a track here that everyone could enjoy. Next week is when everything really starts though! So be sure to leave your music selections in the comments below. I will pick up to five music selections, talk about my love of them, and you will get an obvious mention in the article itself. Until next week, stay golden loyal listeners!

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