I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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(Off season gaming= the time when there is no notable releases in the gaming sphere)


Off season gaming at its finest recently started for me. I am not sure that everyone experiences this, but I definitely do every year. This is the time of year I least play games, (even though I still play a ton). Thankfully this year the world cup has been on, so I have not been bored. Also recently I broke my toe and another bone in my foot so I've been somewhat immobile, but anyhoo, the games I have been playing again recently:

CS:GO (Previous play: During CS:GO private beta)

Left 4 Dead 2 (Previous play: Unknown)

Valve games are easily the best to return to after taking a hiatus. When I got back on CS:GO I was amazed with the changes, and unfortunately I have a new obsession: Weapon skins. It just feels so nice to know that someone viewing your HUD after you died might be eye goggling your oh so nice AK47 | Vulcan. These weren't the only changes obviously. They now have a competitive mode that is very much like League of Legends competitive mode. (Grand Master || is my rank.)


I really like this inclusion, as I and am sure many others believe that Counter-strike is one of the most competitive games that have ever existed. In fact, CS was the first game that introduced me to the idea of professional gaming. It really won't surprise me if it becomes the most popular eSport in the world in the future.

Other changes that are really noticeable are the changes that Valve made to the maps of CS:GO. In the beta I had all of the available maps memorized. (Wasn't hard because they all were basically HD ports of previous maps in the series.) Now, I am still getting used to the changes in the CS maps. Though the map changes are not very significant they definitely add to how you can play on a map. Right now, Operation Breakout is on which adds a whole bunch of new maps for free. I have to say, CS:GO is the only FPS that will keep me coming back over and over again.


The other valve games I recently have been jumping back into is Left 4 Dead 2. I played the first L4D a ton, but I had it for the Xbox 360 so I didn't know what I was missing when it comes to mods. A few steam sales ago I picked up L4D2 and played a bit and then left it alone until recently. The mods for this game are some of the best in the world. If you haven't given this co-op zombie shooter a try yet, I implore you to do so.

The last thing I would like to add to this little nonsense article is if you have Left 4 Dead 2 and would like to run custom campaigns with me please list your steam name below! Other than that, if you read this, sorry that I don't really have much to talk about, I just wanted and needed to write something. How is everyone's summer going? Is this your gaming off season too? If so, what are you playing/doing to pass the time?

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