So today I noticed on my Killer Instinct machine all the fun little stuff it says on the arcade panel overlay. Then the above little bit of gold stuck out for me.

A rule that many an arcade rat would understand, and yet it transcends just the arcade. We all know that winner keeps the controller or seat and the loser is the one to give it up.

So it got me to wondering, what other gaming rules are out there? There's no set book or site that lists them all or states them, so I figured to come here and ask those of TAY to lend a hand.

Here are another few that were told to me and I came up with:

  • If you're on a hotstreak, switch up your characters. (Friends)
  • If you're hands are dirty, clean up before your turn. (Friends)
  • Don't backseat game.
  • Your house. You're Player One.

So come on guys, help me out.