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Gaming Tradition

Yup that's a giant Gameboy Color everyone. Specifically that is the particular color that I own/play(Although mine has a totally sweet golden faceplate on it that I got for winning a Pokemon tournament at my school). Why am I posting this? That's a good question......Ah, it's because I want to write about something a bit more lighthearted than my last post. I want to talk about Gaming Traditions. When I say Gaming Traditions I mean those little traditions that we keep as gamers. I think that it is always illuminating to talk to other Gamers about their own traditions, and so to start that off I would like to talk about some of mine.

The first, and the most long lived, of my traditions has something to do with that giant picture. I love my gameboy color. I had an original gameboy but it was not until my gameboy color that I seriously became what I consider to be a gamer. Just thinking about how many hours I have played my color is just awesome to me. So many hours on just Pokemon Silver alone! And so I have a tradition of always playing my gameboy color during Finals Week at school. I started doing this during testing in Elementary School and I continued it all the way through college. Something about having it with me was comforting during the particularly stressful time of testing, and I like to think that it helped me get through some challenging tests (Bah to Music Theory tests).


Hehe yeah I found another way to bring Legend of Dragoon into this you guys but bear with me. Of course this would be part of my traditions as a gamer right? I never shut up about this game. And it is a big tradition of mine to play through Legend of Dragoon once a year. Luckily enough I have it on my PSP so it became a little easier to keep up with tradition because it was now portable and I could play it in easier chunks. I love this game and because I love it I like to play it every year to not only keep the details and lore distinct in my head but also because I like to remind myself of one of the games that I think truly led me to the hobby I have enjoyed. I love Pokemon but I did not become a console gamer for them, Legend of Dragoon is what took me there.

Now before I lose my head and ramble on unBEARably, on to the most important part of everything, I want to know about the rest of your traditions! So please tell me about your own traditions whether it's something as simple as using the same name for every game that lets you choose one (Kuma here), or of getting together with your friends periodically to talk about a specific game (Persona 4), or taking something from a beloved game and just taking it with you (Anytime I create a Guild in a game I name it Canard in honor of .hack G.U). So let's hear it my friends.

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