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Gaming! Trivia! Come Listen to a New Podcast Featuring Some TAY Folk

That’s right, I finally got around to making a podcast. After a brief addiction to quiz podcasts like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me I decided the fact that there wasn’t a gaming quiz show was downright criminal. People know about gaming, right? And they also like to learn about gaming, right?

So behold - Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo. A podcast where I ask people questions about video games and then reward them with terrible old games from my collection. You may recognize my guest host (she is zee best) and our first contestant (he’s supremely entertaining).


Since iTunes is doing weird and terrible things to the podcast information (though it has technically been cleared to be in the store) I’m just going to be promoting the Soundcloud version for now.

Feedback, both positive and negative, is welcome. I’m well aware that I need to be a bit more charismatic. I was nervous! Anyway... let me know what you think.

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