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Garage Sailin' with Cap'n GBD: Week One UPDATED

Avast ye scurvy devils! Today I went on a treasure hunt o' sorts. I'm here to tell yuh about what I seen and what was worth plundering!

Welp. I'm done with the pirate shtick (or am I...). So here's what I found, video game wise, on my garage sale adventure this morning. It was slim pickings and while I did purchase quite a few other item, mostly books for my classroom, I only bought one video game item. Here's what I found.


Oh boy! Vantage Point on UMD! For FIVE DOLLARS! Yeah, I don't own a PSP or have any incentive to see this movie. Or play Tiger Woods Golf for the that matter. No thanks.

For $1 it's hard not to pick up a controller like this and just use it for... anything. Back up canoe paddle, burglar defense stick - the possibilities are endless. But seeing as I already own three Guitar Hero guitars, the fact that I don't own a PS2 and the fact that I don't need any canoe paddles I had to pass on this also.


Now that's more like it! Though I still don't have a PS2, so none of the games really appealed to me, unless they were collectable. I'm pretty sure none of the ones shown are. The PS Move, while a tremendous flop, is still a fun little device and I couldn't say no. Worst case senario I flip it for a five dollar profit at a local used gaming store. The bundle is normally $100 (though more like $50 online), so 90% off seemed like a deal too good to pass up. I DO have a PS3, so it only made sense.


That's all for this week, maties. No EarthBound for a dollar or old arcade cabinets on the cheap, but I'm hopeful for the coming summer. Until next week. Yar!

BONUS UPDATE: Swung into Good Will so my wife could find some crafty things and I stumbled upon this glorious original XBOX controller... and a Lion King bank. I would have bought the controller, but at $10 it was just too much. Bought the bank instead for a smooth two bucks.


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