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Gato Roboto Is Another Fantastic Short Game

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I’ve learned something over the last year - I love short games. With the plethora of overwhelmingly never ending single player and online games out there....a game that lasts a few hours is a blessing. When the game is good it removes all the bloat of so many larger games - the neverending cut scenes, the bad dialogue, the broken AI, the glitches - and all that’s left is the pristine core mechanics, a clear story, and fun.


Gato Roboto fits neatly into this category. The game starts with a pilot and his cat, Kiki, hearing a distress signal from an alien planet and then accidentally crash landing on it. The pilot, trapped inside the crashed spaceship, directs Kiki to find a mech suit and get busy saving him. The alternation between the use of the mech (and other suits) with playing as just the cat is a great usage of space in the Metroid-themed world. The pixelated black and white graphics look great and the gameplay is generally smooth, albeit a bit simplistically designed at times resulting in the occasionally awkward death.

At only $8 it’s a steal. On sale, even moreso. Alongside games like Minit, Inside, and Xeodrifter, it’s a few hours of pure quality video game fun. If you’re into cats, Metroid, and dark industrial-like electronic music, it’s definitely a must buy.

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