I'm really feeling it!

Just what the title says. Would anyone be interested in a Choose Your Own Adventure type thing? Basically, I'd write up some scenario, add some options at the end, and you guys vote what happens next. Not sure if I'd do it on like, a daily schedule or weekly. If I did it as a weekly thing I'd probably actually host it in real time. Place a post, give some time for votes, update with the result and go like that for some time.

So, what do you guys think? Any interest or ideas?



Ok, looks like there is some interest in a CYOA styled game for TAY. First thing first, though, would be what day/time would be best for this game? Is there a more active day, perhaps a weekend evening, that more people would be around or checking to vote for options?


Secondly, what kind of game would you guys like to play? Maybe a fantasy genre it a scifi? I've got a couple ideas bouncing around in my head so I'll lay them out here:

Scifi: United States of Chimerica - The year is 20xx, and new policies concerning genetic experimentations have opened up the realm of DNA splicing and augmentation.

High Fantasy: (title pending) - You can't believe you managed to finally get that new RPG everyone's been talking about. You know, the one that is so life-like. Little did you know...

Modern Fantasy: My Life as a Delivery Person - A game is being played in the shadows of our world, a game between Gods amassing power through collecting ancient artifacts, and you're the go between.

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