I stumbled upon this one over on IndieDB. It’s still VERY early in development but I’m absolutely astounded at the level of sophistication already present in the building system. I haven’t even gotten to building a functional vehicle yet! I’m still stumbling around with the fundamentals. First, you get a motor but it won’t do anything unless you attach gears, axles, blocks or so forth.

And even with these basics, you can do quite a lot. There are bevel gears for changing angles, you can attach axles as fixed points or loose... it’s nuts. I spent some time tinkering around with just those basics before I even thought about trying something more advanced.

Then I moved onto trying to make a basic car but I made one fatal flaw... you have to BUILD a freaking steering system. Instead of abandoning it though I figured I’d try to understand the suspension system because OF COURSE you have to build that up from scratch too. At least I ended up with something that has 4 wheels and a seat.


Finally, I started to tackle the problem of steering and decided to go with a very basic limited angle servo motor attached to an axle. It worked... sort of.


I find myself wondering why I love these kinds of games so much. I mean... I fully admit it’s bordering on the edge between not being fun anymore and starting to feel like AutoCAD. Idk, I just love the absolute freedom to play with the systems in a game.

I’ll let the dev sum up the game: “GearBlocks is a sandbox construction game where you build all things mechanical: cars, trucks, cranes, lifts, planes, quadcopters or anything else you can think of. Want your car to have working steering? Build all the steering linkages and hook up the rack and pinion gears. Want it to have a functional drive-train with a differential? Put it all together with gears, axles and a motor.”


You can download it for free over on IndieDB.