I'm really feeling it!

Gears of TAY Game Night 3: The Warrening

Dust off your Xbox 360 and get your Gold subscriptions at the ready — E-Day is approaching! That's right, Cogs and Coggets, Game Night will be all about Gears of War 3 and we will be taking on the vast hordes of Locust and Lambent in the name of carnage, slaughter, and muscles.

We will be holding this tribute to testosterone and steroids on Saturday, March 1 at 9pm EST — HOWEVER, I will be in game at 7pm EST as to hone my skills, so all who want to get this party started earlier, feel free to join me. Be prepared to experience muscular bromanship and destruction like you have never seen before.


For those interested in joining us in glorious battle, and need our monikers, there's a list for that. So be ready to decimate in Horde, Beast, or Campaign, and be prepared to win by any means necessary!

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