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Gee, It Sure Was a Good Thing I Put THAT on the Internet!!!

With a tired body, a broken mind, and strapped for time, I eventually decided to forego trying to find something to write and instead dig up something I put up on my formerly active Tumblr. Turns out, there’s a long way to go til I get there. In the meantime, I’m remembering that I put out some real stinkers.

You want to know what one of the most vital and essential mediating factors of writing for a blog is? Doubly so for a site that I share with lots and lots of other authors, that is also attached to a prominent video game website? Whatever it is that I decide to do, I have every reason to make sure there is at least some quality to it. I am pretty sure that simple fact alone has done lots to make me up my game with my writing, not just with being better at what I do, but also with knowing when to cut back—sometimes majorly—on some bullshit.


Back on Tumblr, though? There was no self-mediating instinct like that whatsoever!! Sure, it is indeed a blogging platform, just like Kinja, and there are plenty of thoughtful and quality posts to be found, and good blogs/people to follow. But with the massive social media bent that Tumblr also exemplifies, it just as frequently (if not much moreso) lends itself to memes, jokes, shitposts, and all-around stupidity. Maybe that sounds like a quality judgment, but it isn’t; some of that can be entertaining and genuinely hilarious.

But it also sure as hell did me no favors! Presented, without minimal comment, in reverse chronological order, is some of the shit that I decided was worth plopping up for all the world to see.

During my first-ever travel trip for work:


First-months work shenanigans:


And finally, some Wii U Super Smash Bros. stuff that I really do not remember but at least there’s a log of it on Tumblr:


Ahh, Tumblr: An ever-present monument to my old shame!

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