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Gen Con Issues Third Letter, Urges Indiana to Amend Bill

You can read my previous 2 posts on the subject here.


On the evening of 3/30 at 6:23 PM EST, Adrian Swartout, CEO and owner of Gen Con LLC, issued a third letter, this one again addressed, 'Dear Gen Con Community', and stating,

"Gen Con 2015 will be held, as planned, at the Indiana Convention Center July 30 through August 2. Gen Con staff are working in partnership with the City of Indianapolis, local businesses, Visit Indy, and other grassroots organizations to ensure fair and safe treatment during this year's show. We support Indianapolis Mayor Ballard's plan to sign an executive order requiring business adherence to the Indianapolis human rights ordinance, which identifies sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes."


As of this writing, the LGBT community is not a protected class in Indiana, one of the main criticisms that opponents of Indiana's new RFRA law cite as a loophole that would enable Hoosiers to discriminate against the LGBT community. While the passing of SB101 was widely reported, there are few sites or people that actually have been able to sift through the mud and reach the true facts. I've provided links to 2 articles below, one for each side of the argument.
Lambada Legal has done an excellent write up on some of the opposing side's claims.

"We believe that freedom from discrimination is a fundamental human right. Until Gen Con has received legally sound assurances that Indiana will support these rights, we are halting our plans to expand Gen Con into Lucas Oil Stadium, and plans for further expansion into other hotel convention spaces."


She ends the letter with instructions on how to let your legislators know your views, and includes the contact information to reach Governor Pence's office directly.

"Gen Con's growth in Indianapolis has been tremendous. Our success is due in part to Hoosier hospitality and the acceptance of the Indy community. If you want to see Gen Con continue to be hosted in Indianapolis, we ask that you please direct your voices toward the General Assembly, and to Governor Pence. Speak up, and tell them to amend or repeal RFRA. If you are a citizen of Indiana, you can find your legislator by using this tool: https://iga.in.gov/legislative/fi… If you are a concerned convention-goer, please contact Governor Pence's office directly, at this number: 317-232-4567"


You can read the letter in its entirety here.

I'd like to thank Gen Con LLC for continuing to support our community, and protecting their customers.

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