I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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George R. R. Martin Ambushes Paul and Storm at W00tstock

So, Paul and Storm are one of my favorite musical duos. I've seen them live before, along with Jonathan Coulton, and they put on a great show. Their jokes are always so witty and they seem to really care about their fans. Paul and Storm often perform at events such as PAX, DragonCon, and Comic Con. Today, they uploaded a little video from a show at Comic Con yesterday. George R. R. Martin comes out on stage when they begin playing their song "Write Like the Wind," and proceeds to smash Storm's guitar.

This was revenge (all in good fun!) for Paul and Storm ribbing him in "Write Like the Wind" for taking forever to write A Song of Ice and Fire.

It's a great song and a hilarious clip. Enjoy!


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