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Sorry for posting this in the main TAY (I promise my next article will be an, you know, article), but I may actually be getting a new laptop soon to replace my old one! And I need your help in deciding! Yes, it has to be a laptop, no, it cannot be a tower computer. >_>

Anyway, this site is giving me $250 off a purchase of a laptop as part of the “trade up” deal they got going until October 20th.


Which seems great, but with me being the dumbdumb that I am and having both bad luck and bad intelligence-something to pick out an appropriate device, I’m going to need some help. Seriously, I tried to pick things out before. I was so, so, so wrong. So very, very wrong. And I‘m scared of being wrong again.


These are the choices. What I need, specifically, is an i7, fifth generation computer. I need it to be capable of dealing with two creation programs, namely Maya (yeah, it’s gotta be Maya, I know how good Blender is) and Nuke. I also need to be capable of effectively playing the latest video games. They don’t have to look eye-popping, but I do need them to function at least at 30 fps and look, you know, good. Games like Battlefield 4, The Witcher 3, and Metal Gear Solid. Oh, and Rocket League for good measure.

Are any in the above link good options? Are they fair prices (knowing I get $250 off if I exchange my completely and utterly broken computer that I have now)?

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