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The toughest task of the holiday season is here: Christmas shopping. Buying presents of course is a simple matter. Especially since I don't even have to leave the house to do so. Deciding what to get however? That's difficult.

I don't like asking people what they want. Firstly because few people can tell you what they want, and secondly because they're too polite to tell you what they actually want as it's too expensive, mundane, or private. While I'd quite happily ask for games consoles when I was younger now I feel like I'm asking for too much.


And to me presents are no longer the attraction of Christmas. I no longer have to ask for what I want, I can just go out and buy it. So I like for my presents to be surprises, something that the recipient may not have considered buying but they'd enjoy anyway.

Of course figuring out what that something is is a nightmare. I've got presents for my brothers (the adventure time encyclopedia and the witches board game), a wedding/Christmas present for my cousin (a fancy corkscrew), but I'm at loss what to get my parents, my aunt, and my cousin (a different one that's not getting married).

Doesn't help that I only see my aunt and cousin once a year. Plus I got my parents an extravagant gift (meal for two at a Michelin starred restaurant) last year and I'm not even going to try topping it.

What about you TAY? Discuss your gift giving woes below.

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