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As gamers, anime enthusiasts, movie buffs and music lovers - we're in the business of collecting. Our favourite companies have implemented rewards for our obsessive behaviour, haven't they? How many hours have some of us spent trying to platinum a game, grinning when a pesky achievement was unlocked or did some internal bragging after managing to find and collect every single coin a particular stage had to offer after repeatedly dying?

Our in-game collecting has crept into our real lives too - figmas of video game and anime darlings and concert ticket stubs - Why even while walking down the street, some of us are collecting things. That little green light on my 3DS tells me I've found a kindred spirit and fellow collector of virtual people. It's a bit creepy when you think about it. But I suppose it'd be even creepier if I could use them as virtual paper dolls and change their outfits and hairstyles. I'm not secretly wishing that I can do that... honest.


It's also why here at TAY, the need for a column was established to discuss our Weekly Wants of all things beautiful. Usually the discussions end up showcasing bundles of plastic joys from our favourite anime. We fawn over them. We "ooo". We "ahh". We give each other moral support. We cry. We move on to the next thing.

And sometimes an unplanned viewing of a movie containing a villain so enchanting that it can turn my little head into mush.

My obsession with one movie in particular began a chain reaction so comical, it led me to engage in watching new shows, picking up new hobbies, discovering new music and finally ending in one very expensive purchase.


It all started last May with The Avengers.

My brother-in-law loves comics and 80s cartoons. Ever since Marvel started making movies to be better than say, your first G.I. movie, he's been in absolute heaven. No matter what the 80s childhood cheese, you can probably find him at a movie threatre on opening weekend.


When The Avengers premiered, I went with him as a favour to my sister. While she sat at home watching The Legend of Korra, I went in lowering my expectations greatly as I do for most movies. Being a Joss Whedon film, I knew it'd at least be fun but what I did not count on was loving Tom Hiddleston's Loki.

So, if you have been following me around here on TAY, you may have noticed a couple of things.

  1. When I do (_rarely_) speak, it's usually too much (hello, length of this article).
  2. I like villains.

And so last year went something like this after seeing The Avengers:

  • I made sure to watch Thor.
  • Then I sought out the BBC's _Wallander. _
  • Oh, what's that? BBC's Luther is supposed to be amazing too (truthfully already on my radar but the extra push was needed to watch)? Thanks "customers who watched Wallander might also enjoy Luther" recommendation!
  • Oh man, what's this amazing song that's used as the theme song for Luther? "Paradise Circus" by Massive Attack? Well, I've not taken the chance on Massive Attack yet but now's a good time to start...
  • Oh my glob! Lego has the cutest little Loki in the "Cosmic Cube Escape" set. It'll be my first time buying a Lego set since assisting my siblings in burying trees and Lego people in our backyard as children. Eh, what's one $20 set? I can pick that up.
  • That was rather fun to build! What else does Lego have going on here. A Lord of the Rings set with a Shelob and a Gollum. I needs it, My Precious. Mini figures Series 7. I need those. OMG! Lego Monster Fighters Haunted Mansion!!!!!!!!! It opens like a playhouse except there are vampires inside! And mummies! And spiders! And a torture chamber! And who better than to brew some spirits in the basement than those glow-in-the-dark ghosts?! $179.99?! ...my birthday's right around the corner. Yep. This is what I want. I'm grown and I don't care!


Well, it's all come to one epic final conclusion.

I pre-ordered the Loki Hot Toys The Avengers figure just about a year ago and it has finally arrived.


Instead of regaling you with more text, I'm just going to blind you with pictures. It's my first Hot Toys purchase and will probably be my last. At $219, it's quite the sight (and for that amount of gil tossing at one lone item, it better be) from the realistic skin tones and textures, leather clothes, flowing cape that moves so gracefully, and even down to the packaging. It's classy and not with a "K" either.


Looks like Tom.

Still looks like Tom.

Nice belt.

Whoa! Does not look like Tom...kinda creepy, actually.

Yup. Impressive details on the clothes and the flowing. The flowing!!! The gold armour and accents are nicely incorporated and attractive. Looks like he's ready to back hand someone though. Hm.


"You were made to be ruled. In the End you will always kneel." Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Loki. Shut it. You do make for a pretty Frost Giant though. Except, real luscious hair would have been nicer. You could have been prettier and that's a crime against you and me! Also, I should take better pictures of you sometime.


This purchase may (possibly) conclude my buying of Loki related materials but I see there's a play in London with a certain someone playing Coriolanus at the Donmar Warehouse in December... Hmm.

But I digress.

The next time the All Father posts the Weekly Want column, I might just sit that one out.


Though, I have been obsessing over Doctor Who as of late and I could always use more stamps...


Crazy but normal chain reaction of events, right KoTAYku and Niners? I'd like to hear about your recent obsessions or life long obsessions involving your gaming, music, movie or anime habits that led to all sorts of fun real world purchases. Don't forget that the first step to rehabilitation is admitting you have a problem. Me? I'm of perfectly sound mind, thank you very much.

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