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Zenny. Munny. Money. Pearls. Cash. Gold. Gil. Gald. Simoleans. Hearts. Coins. Rupees. Bells. $. Money makes the world go round, they say. Surely that's true in real life and very much so in our virtual lives. Without it, you could rely on finding your armour in a chest. Sure, why not? Perhaps you can steal a weapon from a monster? You could do that too. Well, you should you know because playing the thief is all sorts of fun but only in video games, you morally depraved fiends! Sometimes though, you just have to go out there and make that cash to spend on all sorts of cool things! And how does one do that exactly?

Chopping bushes surely has its charms.

So what if you had to stop in the middle of a fight and search for gald while your teammates covered your back and fought off the monsters? Note: That was wrong of you to do. I hope your party members cursed you out plenty after the fact.

At mark 6:25 or so, you can see Rutee searching for gald in this video clip. My sister cracked up every time I did this. She thought it was the cutest thing and equally funny that I was out fighting for my life and that Rutee was out looking for gald and not helping with combat.


And who cares how many monsters you had to dispatch of for some gil? For that matter, who cares that those monsters have invisible pockets to carry around gil in the thousands. I know we've all thought it and I'm sorry to have brought it up to hurt your head.

Maybe you went betting at the casino, played slots and won big. Good for you.

Those side jobs you took in Chinatown Wars? No, I don’t want to talk about those. Keep your shady dealings to yourself.

Whatever the method, it seems you're now wealthy.

You’ve bought up all your necessary equipment and all your items for travel and that final battle. You’re so rich that that 60,000,000,000$$ bounty posted is pocket change to you. Oh, alright. That one’s a lie. You’re not that rich.


You do, however, have enough left over to make the most ridiculous in-game purchase your little heart desires.

Image source: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Costa_del…

So, what do you spend it on? Do you buy up The Villa Cloud at Costa del Sol? Do you buy the most expensive car then customize the heck out of it?


Personally, my favourite use of in-game cash was spending it on action figures of in-game enemies in Brave Fencer Musashi. Yep, you could go to the toy store in Grillin’ and buy virtual action figures of all the foes you met, go back to your room at Allucaneet Castle and play with them. Each figure featured their in-game moves. It was pretty cool!


Truthfully, I did not actually spend my money on those action figures but my friend did. He took my money and spent it right in front of my face! I actually like to hoard money in my video games, okay?!

His actions cut me deep. It’s just as bad as a gil toss. Ugh, Gil Toss: worst use of money ever.


Whatever your favourite currency, ever got to that point in your game when you were so rich that you could just go ahead and spend it on all manners of frivolous in-game nonsense? What's the coolest, or most useless item you ever spent your hard-earned cash on?

Do you save? Or do you spend? And should I stay or should I go now?

  • TAY Classic is the best toy store you’ll ever find. It’s got discussions on life, video games and rare items that only your virtual dollars can buy. But you should watch out for unsavoury types that frequent that place. And if TheUnfathomableTruth approaches you and tries to share a guide on how TAY works, you should snatch it and run. Because while his helpful guide might be just that, he has a thing for burying bodies in his backyard. Be careful, that’s all I’m saying.

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