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Glenn and Maggie of The Walking Dead! Valentine's Day Edition Speed Painting! (SeeBonnyDraw)

I’m late with an illustration/post...Again. But better late than never...Let’s get down to this week’s SeeBonnyDraw subject of one of my favorite couples on TV: Glenn and Maggie on AMC’s The Walking Dead!

With the series set to return on Valentine’s Day this year, I thought it’d be perfect to focus on a couple and celebrate love for the holiday! Over the years for SeeBonnyDraw, I’ve come to paint Rick, Daryl, and Michonne, who are all great characters and fan favorites. Glenn is a personal favorite of mine and he’s been with the crew since day 1 so I was excited to go into this piece.

Recording Time: 3H 24M


The reference I used came from a magazine photoshoot and I gotta say getting the likenesses of these two, while not exact, was a challenging process. I originally planned to go more loose and less realistic, but as I painted the couple, it felt better to go more gritty in reflection of the actual show. Glenn was the easier likeness to capture and it took a while to get Maggie’s - I wonder if it had to do with tonal coloring style which is my own thought after studying the video playback. So long as I got in the ballpark, I felt like I could push the piece out.

Watch the process:

As for the background, I knew at the start I was going to do something with a heart for the Valentine’s Day theme. In fact, I was planning on painting an actual heart with blood and guts and everything else plastered behind the two. I thought it might get too gory for the holiday but it would still fit with the Walking Dead theme of things....Ultimately I went with something more stylized that framed the couple in a more dramatic/simpler way.

I released the piece on Valentine’s Day originally on a few of my social media platforms but the next day I felt like I could work out a few kinks that I had to overlook to push it on schedule with the holiday and the show’s mid season return. I dunno what it is but I find that when I publish stuff, I see my mistakes more than ever...Perhaps it has to do with the fact that my brain registers things in a new light knowing people are going to be absorbing the work and that thought creates a whole new perspective to look through.


Oh, and in terms of the video, after 41 episodes, I decided to change the intro music! The old music was made for me by a friend so it was hard to remove it but i felt like it was time to freshen things up. I had already changed the thumbnail style, the outro screen, and in general still had the new year vibe so I edited up Kevin Macleod’s “Blip Stream” and also simplified visual elements for the intro. I felt like before it took a while to start up the actual footage so everything is much more to the point. The Marvel movie logo style flipping through illustrations stayed since I felt it was important to show my journey throughout the series before each new episode and quite frankly, looks cool and spiffy~

I’m happy with the piece now and I hope you enjoyed it and the write up! Moreover, I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day regardless if you’re single or in a relationship! I’ll be back really soon with this coming week’s illustration and video...See you soon. HADOUKEN!!!


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