I'm really feeling it!

Gamefreak, Nintendo. I give you props for what you attempted to do here, really. Countless numbers of people all over the entire world playing the same game. The ability to trade with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Please take note that I said "attempted", because while in theory their system works it's highly flawed. Why, you ask?

Here's an example of how things should be going down with this thing:


Ok, so this guy has a level 15 female Lapras up for trade. What does he want in return? He wants a Pikachu of any level or gender. That's not too bad, right? I mean a Pikachu can be found rather easily. Wander in the grass, beat it up, throw pokéball at it, then hop back on the trade station and now you've got yourself a bitch'n Lapras.

Wanna know what the GTS really looks like?

That's right. I'm trying to get a level 1 Turtwig, and this jerkoff wants Yveltal, a legendary. And if you continue to scroll through, you'll see people want all kinds of legendaries. Mewtwo, Mew, etc. The ones that you can only get one of.

How, in anyway, is this a fair trade?

The trade system is littered with this. I could be looking for a Magikarp and someone would want a legendary in trade. Why was there no way to rank monsters by rarity or stat distribution, some sort of way to instill an actual value to them so you can make fair trades? Is it so hard to say that Mewtwo is value of 9 and Turtwig, a breedable starter is a value of 3, with things such as good IVs and being shiny increasing that value to 5 or 6?


The prospect of "catching 'em all" was supposed to grow easier with the ability to trade with people around the world. Instead, it seems as though I'm still limited to only being able to trade with people I actually know. Might as well be toting around a link cable still.


Apologies for the rant. This has been driving me nuts since the game's release and it's reached fever pitch.

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