I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Going to SDCC this year? Grab the Capcom Tribute Book!

Heya! Rachel here and the biggest freaking surprise came to me when my piece was selected for Udon’s Capcom Tribute Book 2015. There was alot of crying, ugly crying...gross, completely not attractive for anyone really. Still! It was and more importantly, here’s piece!

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I’m pretty effin proud, even prouder to be amongst some of the best artists I’ve ever seen. TOTALLY HYPED!

But Rachel, how can I acquire a thing? I’m glad you asked! Mosey to the San Deigo Comic Con in July and boogey on down to the Udon booth to obtain the super snazzy SE copy. Can’t go to SDCC? Don’t fret ya’ll, in September you can get your own sexy copy!




Check your following fave retailers for where you can do the thing! Thanks and be awesome!

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