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Good morning TAY! This is your weekly TAYlendar blip! If you where not aware we made some changes...from last week feedback, but if you have some please drop by.


So we say goodbye to July for now. But I am pretty sure some of you had fun with the SGDQ charity runs, and we got a nice view of SIGGRAPH 2013 by Tieryas.

So what do we have this month? *Wow its gonna be busy! But we first start with Chicago Comic Con on the 8th, followed by Otakon 2013 (20th Anniv.) on the 9th, but I believe you must buy the tickets by or on the 8th for Otakon!

*So go check out the community TAYlendar for all the upcoming events this month, and feel free to add any events as this doc can be edited by anyone.


Also I added November.

Changes form the feedback.

  • Dark Green is reserved for games releases you know about(don't go out of you way if you don't know any!). [GBD]
  • Instead of using the standard black, an event can have a custom color; it means you want to meet up with fellow TAYers for that set event. [Astrokid]
  • Let TAYer know who it is, by typing your username in that set color in the section labeled 'notes'.

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