I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Eldritch, a delightful first-person action game that mixes up roguelike and immersive sim elements with the writings of H. P. Lovecraft and Minecraft-esque graphics, released way back in 2013.

In the year that followed, the game received a number of free content updates but has remained essentially untouched since 2014 while Minor Key has focused on releasing other games.


That looks to change as developer David Pittman recently tweeted out that he’s working on some new content for Eldritch set to release after his current project wraps.

Spent the last few days jamming on some new content for Eldritch. Not planning to do anything with it until after we ship TBC, but it’s been a ton of fun to revisit that game. pic.twitter.com/4ns2IDdhbZ

— David Lindsey Pittman (@dphrygian) September 12, 2018

Click through the slide show below to see all of the images of the new content.

I asked David whether this new content means we can expect a new dungeon to explore and this was his reply:

I can’t say for sure what form it might eventually take, but currently it’s new content mixed into the three main books, instead of a parallel campaign like Mountains of Madness.

— David Lindsey Pittman (@dphrygian) September 14, 2018

So it looks more like a game-wide update to add more variety and a reason to revisit those old haunts. Another interesting point that David added was:

For Lovecraft nerds, that gargoyle-looking thing is my take on a Night-gaunt, which I thiiink is the first time I’ve incorporated anything from The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath into Eldritch.

— David Lindsey Pittman (@dphrygian) September 12, 2018

You can see the Night-gaunt in the slideshow above. This is especially interesting because while Lovecraft’s influence in video games is widespread, Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle stories are largely ignored by pop culture.


For those unfamiliar, the Dream Cycle is a series of fantasy stories based around the Dreamlands, a realm of existence we visit in our sleep. The Dream Cycle has never reached the mainstream popularity of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and this may mark one of the only times a video game has made direct reference to it.

Regardless of what exactly this content update entails and when it drops, I eagerly await more Eldritch.

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